Monarch of the Glen: The Complete Collection (US Shop)

Tom Baker plays Donald MacDonald in series 6 & 7

Starring: Susan Hampshire, Richard Briers, Alistair Mackenzie, Lloyd Owen, Tom Baker
Directed by: Edward Bennet , AJ Quinn , Simon Massey
Produced by: Nick Pitt , Paddy Higson , Jeremy Gwilt
Written by: Michael Chaplin, Niall Leonard, Patrick Wilde


Slip away to the Scottish Highlands and Glenbogle House whenever you wish! All the laughter, drama and suspense you loved so well is yours to enjoy time and again in every heartwarming episode of this immensely popular series. From the very beginning, when Hector and Molly trick Archie to return to Glenbogle and save it from ruin, to the loves and heartaches of Lexie, Katrina, and Iona, Golly, Duncan and Paul. From jaw-dropping revelations about the MacDonald family tree, to heart-stopping views of Scotland’s mountains and lochs. Starring Richard Briers (Good Neighbors), Academy Award – winner Susan Hampshire (The Forsyte Saga), Tom Baker (Doctor Who) and many more.


  • A tour of Glenbogle estate, featuring your favorite Monarch of the Glen stars
  • Exclusive interview with Susan Hampshire
  • Behind the scenes at Monarch of the Glen
  • 30-minute special on the wildlife of the Scottish Highlands
  • Cast Biographies

Product Information

Format: DVD Widescreen
Contains: 18 discs
Duration: 51 hours
Region: 1 (USA, Canada & US Territories)


Series 1

The magnificent Cairngorms are the beautiful backdrop as Archie MacDonald tries to get to grips with being the new laird of a huge, decaying family estate in the Highlands of Scotland. Archie is 28 and just about to open his trendy new fish restaurant in London with his beautiful girlfriend, Justine, when he gets the news of his unexpected inheritance. Glenbogle is one of the largest sporting estates in the Highlands. He will be the feudal landlord over 40,000 acres, 200 tenants, a house which makes Balmoral look like a cottage, and with an overdraft to match. To make matters worse, his aged eccentric parents, Hector and Molly MacDonald, come as part of the furniture and the local schoolteacher, feisty Katrina Finlay, is determined to make things as difficult as possible for Archie. There is also the high-spirited and fiery cook/housekeeper Lexie to contend with.

Series 2

Archie Macdonald has pledged himself to Glenbogle, but now faces a titanic struggle to make the estate pay. But rebellious tenants, local vendettas, and scheming golddiggers must be confronted as he strives to make Glenbogle a thriving tourist attraction. And then, of course, there’s Hector, his unruly and mischievous father, who finds ever more elaborate ways to frustrate his son’s endeavours. All of which leaves Archie precious little time to sort out his complex love life: London girlfriend Justine vies with his childhood friend Katrina and the ever hopeful Lexie for Archie’s affections…

Series 3
With Glenbogle still strapped for cash, the bank is about to take over the estate’s finances until it turns a profit. With so many people depending on him, Archie has no alternative but to try to work with the stern and steely Stella Moon. Her arrival draws everyone into an unspoken alliance against her, and brings Archie closer to Lexie. Meanwhile, Archie’s errant parents, Hector and Molly, continue to go their own sweet way, doing their unintentional best to frustrate their son’s endeavours.

Series 4

Series 3 saw the tragic but typically eccentric death of Archie’s father Hector’s and his engagement to Lexie. As Molly comes to terms with becoming a widow, Lexie and the estate employees are coming to terms with her new position in life. Meanwhile, Glenbogle has a new wildlife centre – and the inevitable teething troubles when a wolf goes missing; an interesting love triangle develops between Golly, Irene and Duncan; and Molly and Hector get the shock of their lives when a young man arrives in search of his past.

Series 5

Archie’s half-brother Paul returns to Glenbogle and is enlisted into helping to run the estate. Although this brings him into conflict with Archie and Lexie, who feels left out of their close relationship, it also frees Archie to think about his role and the world beyond Glenbogle. Then his sister Lizzie arrives and provides Archie and Lexie with their toughest dilemma yet. Meanwhile, Molly and Andrew’s deepening relationship falters when a revelation leaves Molly reeling. She seeks solace in Golly, whose feelings for her are stronger than she suspects. The arrival of his daughter Jessica also forces him to take a crash course in parenting. Despite having a new girlfriend (Kilwillie’s niece Hemione), Duncan is attracted to Jessica, who has usurped him as Golly’s deputy.

Series 6

Archie has decided to stay in New Zealand, leaving Paul master of Glenbogle. Determined to prove himself, he attempts to modernise the estate and immediately clashes with Golly over his dismissal of long-held traditions.Lexie’s unexpected return from New Zealand forces Paul to face up to his feelings for her. Edinburgh career girl Isobel Anderson arrives in the village to look after her late grandmother’s croft, and Hector’s flamboyant younger brother comes to visit, causing mayhem from the moment he arrives.

Series 7

After five years and seven hugely successful series it’s time for the Macdonald clan to hang up their sporrans. But that’s not before a few old friends come to visit. Love is in the air for both young and old in Glenbogle. Paul has met his match with the feisty new tenant’s chair Iona – will they be able to put their differences aside and admit their mutual attraction? It’s been a long time coming for Molly and Golly, but will Molly listen to the ghost of Hector and finally give in to old admirer Kilwillie instead of announcing her true feelings for her faithful ghillie? And Duncan returns to the estate with his tail between his legs, it’s time for him to convince Jess of just how much he loves her. But nothing is as it seems on the Scottish estate – will they all live happily ever after?