Doctor Who: The Horns of Nimon (USA shop)

Starring Tom Baker and Lalla Ward

Directed by: Kenny McBain
Produced by: Graham Williams
Written by: Anthony Read


The peaceful planet Aneth was once at war with the mighty Skonnon empire, and now Skonnon spaceships demanding tribute have returned to Anethan skies. As the final consignment is being taken to Skonnos, an accident forces the ship off-course. Meanwhile, the Doctor has decided that the TARDIS is in need of an overhaul. After materializing the TARDIS in deep space, he dismantles most of the ship’s key circuitry. The incapacitated TARDIS and the Skonnon ship are moving toward a gravity field that could destroy them both. Back on the Skonnos home planet, the mysterious Nimon has promised new glory to the Skonnon empire on receipt of the tribute from Aneth. Yet none of the Skonnans have sought to examine the Nimon’s plan for their glorious future.


  • Commentary by actors Lalla Ward (Romana), Janet Ellis (Teka), and Graham Crowden (Soldeed), and writer Anthony Read
  • Who Peter-Partners in Time: History of Blue Peter’s relationship with Doctor Who, presented by Gethin Jones
  • Read the Writer: Anthony Read interview
  • Peter Howell music demos: 1980 Radiophonic workshop demo over the beginning of part 2
  • Photo gallery
  • Production note option
  • PDF materials (DVD-ROM–PC/Mac): Radio Times listings, studio floor plans
  • Coming Soon Trailer
  • Digitally Remastered Picture And Sound Quality

Product Information

Format: DVD Contains: 1 disc
Duration: 100 minutes
Region: 1
Closed Captions / Subtitles: This Product has English Subtitles for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired