Doctor Who: The Android Invasion (USA shop)

Starring Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen

Directed by: Barry Letts
Produced by: Philip Hinchcliffe
Written by: Terry Nation


Moving forward in time, the TARDIS appears to materialise in a sun-drenched woodland glade, close to the English village of Devesham in the present day. But the village is strangely devoid of its people, and mechanised masked figures patrol the lanes and footpaths. Even the nearby Space Defence Station, currently UNIT’s centre of operations, is eerily quiet…

Things are indeed not what they seem. The Doctor and Sarah are not on Earth but in a mocked-up village on the planet Oseidon, home to the war-mongering Kraals, whose skills in fashioning sophisticated human replica robots – androids – are crucial to their aims of infiltrating and conquering Earth.


• Commentary
• The Village That Came to Life – Cast, crew and local residents look back at the making of the story, in this documentary presented on location by Nicholas Briggs.
• Life After Who – Celina Hinchcliffe takes her father Philip on a trip down memory lane to recall his distinguished career in British television and film.
• Photo Gallery
• Weetabix Advert – TV advert for a Doctor Who themed promotion for this breakfast cereal.
• Easter Egg – A ¼” location sound rushes recording of some of the story’s scenes being performed.
• Coming Soon Trailer
• Radio Times Listings
• Programme subtitles & subtitle production notes

Product Information

Format: DVD Fullscreen
Contains: 1 disc
Duration: 100 minutes
Region: 1
Subitles: This Product has English Subtitles for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired