Monarch Of The Glen: Series 6: Part 1 (UK shop)

Starring Susan Hampshire, Lloyd Owen, Tom Baker, Dawn Steele, Hamish Clark & many others

Features episodes one to five from the sixth series of the popular television drama.

Tom Baker’s character, Donald MacDonald first appears in episode 2.

Paul is now the new Laird of Glenbogle and gets involved in a land dispute between newcomer Isobel, and her neighbour.

Hector’s brother, Donald MacDonald (Tom Baker) has been forced to return home by the police, placing him under the supervision of his estranged family.

Lexie organises Molly’s 60th birthday party, in an effort to forget her marital problems.

There is a tense atmosphere between Paul and Lexie and Duncan shines as a DJ when Ewan is temporarily out of action. Molly and Donald reveal their secret history to the family and Isobel takes her organic produce to the local market.

Features episodes one to five (of 10) from the sixth series of the popular television drama.

DVD Extras:

  • Production notes,
  • Cast filmographies
  • Picture gallery

Product Information

Release date: 10/10/2005
Format: DVD Pal
BBC product reference number: av9441
Duration: 5 hours
Region: 2 (Europe, Japan, South Africa, Middle East (including Egypt)