Little Britain USA

Narrated by Tom Baker

Little Britain USA is an American spinoff of the successful British BBC television series, Little Britain.

As in the British series, the show focuses on characters played by Matt Lucas and David Walliams and features many established characters such as Daffyd Thomas, Sebastian Love, Marjorie Dawes and Vicky Pollard but also includes new characters.

The six-part first season started filming in March 2008 in Wilmington, North Carolina. HBO showed the first episode of the season in the United States on 28 September 2008; The Movie Network broadcast it in Canada the same day, followed by BBC One on 3 October in the UK.

Directors: Michael Patrick Jann and David Scwimmer
Producers: Larry Brezner (executive producer), Maximillian D. Day (associate producer), Michael Patrick Jann (executive producer), Stephanie Laing (producer) and Simon Fuller (executive producer).

Writers: Matt Lucas and David Walliams

The Cast

Matt Lucas – Various Roles
David Walliams – Various Roles
Brett Gentile – Waiter
Brad Grunberg – Tony ‘Fat Fighters’
Peggy Miley – Anna ‘Fat Fighters’
Leslie Berger – Fat Fighter
Julie Brister – Fat Fighter
Stevie Mack – Fat Fighter
Geraldine James – Celia
John Richard Petersen – Fat Fighter
Sheila Hill – Reporter
Robert Seay – First Officer
Mary Katherine White – Camper
Jim Lau – Chinese President
Sting – Himself
Harry Linnix – President of America
Paul Rudd – President of France
Rosie O’Donnell – Fat Fighter
Sarah Chalke – Fat Fighter
Melissa Ponzio – Barbara
Amy Tipton – Mommy

Product Information

Release date: 24/11/2008
Format: DVD Pal
BBC product reference number: bbcdvd2899
Contains: 2 discs
Region: 2 (Europe, Japan, South Africa, Middle East (including Egypt)