Doctor Who: K-9 Tales – The Invisible Enemy/K-9 & Company (UK Shop)

Starring Tom Baker

INVISIBLE ENEMY is the story that introduced robot dog K-9, who would re-appear in the new, revamped series episode ‘School Reunion’. Also features ‘K-9 & Company’ – the very first Doctor Who spin-off starring K-9 and Sarah Jane Smith, who would later feature in SARAH JANE ADVENTURES.

invisibleenemyR2dvdcoverThe Invisible Enemy

Starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson

Directed by: Derrick Goodwin
Produced by: Graham Williams
Written by: Bob Baker and Dave Martin


The TARDIS is infiltrated by the Swarm – a space-borne intelligence that wishes to spread itself across the universe – and the Doctor is infected by its nucleus. The ship then materialises on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn, where the human occupants of a refuelling station have also been taken over.

The Doctor eventually collapses as a result of his infection, but first manages to relay to Leela the coordinates of a local hospital asteroid. At the Bi-Al Foundation, based on the asteroid, Professor Marius clones the two time travellers, miniaturises the clones using the relative dimensional stabiliser from the TARDIS and then injects them into the Doctor’s body in the hope that they can find and destroy the nucleus.

The plan backfires as the nucleus escapes from the Doctor in place of the clones and is enlarged to human size. The creature arranges for itself to be taken back to Titan, where breeding tanks have been prepared for it.

The Doctor, now cured of its influence, enlists the help of K-9, Professor Marius’s dog-shaped robot computer, and sets a booby-trap that results in the breeding tanks being blown up, killing the nucleus. Marius gives K-9 to the Doctor as a parting gift.



  • Commentary – with actors Louise Jameson and John Leeson, visual effects designer Mat Irvine and co-writer Bob Baker.
  • Dreams and Fantasy – artistes and production crew recall the making of this story and even take the original K-9 for walkies. With actors Louise Jameson and John Leeson, director Derrick Goodwin, co-writer Bob Baker, visual effects designers Tony Harding and Mat Irvine, K-9 operator Nigel Brackley, journalist Gary Gillatt.
  • Studio Sweepings – Time-coded videotape recording of this story.
  • Visual Effect – Mat Irvine meets up with Ian Scoones at Bray Studios to discuss the visual effects of The Invisible Enemy.
  • Blue Peter – K-9 meets John Noakes and Shep.
  • Optional CGI Effects.
  • Trailers and Continuities
  • Easter Egg
  • Radio Times billings
  • Photo Gallery
  • Coming Soon trailer
  • Production Information subtitles
  • Digitally remastered picture and sound.

k9andcompanyR2dvdcoverK-9 & Company

Starring Elisabeth Sladen

Directed by:John Black
Produced by:John Nathan-Turner
Written by:Terence Dudley


The first Doctor spin-off, K-9 and Company showcases the Doctor’s two companions, Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) and robot K-9, as they attempt to solve a bewitching mystery.


  • Commentary by Elisabeth Sladen, John Leeson, Linda Polan and Eric Saward.
  • The K-9 Files – Cast and crew look back at the making of this story.
  • K-9 – A Dog’s Tale.
  • Pebble Mill at One.
  • Trails and Continuities
  • The Adventures of K-9
  • The K-9 Annual 1983
  • Radio Times billings
  • Photo Gallery
  • Coming Soon trailer
  • Production Information subtitles
  • Digitally remastered picture and sound.

Product Information

Release date:  16/06/2008
Format: DVD Pal
BBC product reference number: bbcdvd2439
Contains: 2 disc
Duration: 2 hours 23 minutes
Region: 2 (Europe, Japan, South Africa, Middle East (including Egypt)
Subtitles: English