Doctor Who and The Giant Robot (UK Shop)

For the first time on audio, this is an unabridged reading of a classic Doctor Who novelisation, based on a serial from the original TV series.

‘Look, Brigadier! It’s growing!’screamed Sarah.

The Brigadier stared in amazement as the Robot began to grow… and grow… swelling to the size of a giant!

Slowly the metal colossus, casting its enormous shadow upon the surrounding trees and buildings, began to stride towards the Brigadier. A giant metal hand reached down to grasp him…

Can DOCTOR WHO defeat the evil forces controlling the Robot before they execute their plans to blackmail – or destroy – the world?

The first adventure of DOCTOR WHO’s 4th incredible incarnation!

These titles will appeal to listeners young and old, including longstanding fans, who have fond memories of the original paperback, and newer devotees who have discovered Doctor Who through the new, hit TV series.

Read by the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker.

Product Information

Number of Discs: 4

Duration: 240′ approx

ISBN: 9781405677943

Recorded Dates: 05 Nov 2007