Bernard Shaw Collection (UK shop)

Tom Baker appears in one of these plays – The Millionairess with Maggie Smith

George Bernard Shaw Collection includes the following:

Arms and the Man
The Man of Destiny
The Devil’s Disciple
Mrs Warren’s Profession
You Never Can Tell
Androcles and the Lion
Heartbreak House
The Millionairess
The Apple Cart

The Millionairess

Epifania is rich, strong-willed, highly intelligent, and an expert at Judo, which makes her hard to live with. Her husband is now in love with another woman and she is seeing another man, but he seems to be more interested in his food than her. Will she ever find true happiness? Then, by chance, she meets an Egyptian Doctor played by Tom Baker …..….

Product Information

Release date: 31/07/2006
Format: DVD Pal
BBC product reference number: bbcdvd2166
Duration: 17 hours
Region: 2 (Europe, Japan, South Africa, Middle East (including Egypt)