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What can I send?

Photos, drawings or pictures of Tom or images connected to his work.  Only paper based items are allowed – Tom will not autograph other objects, such as clothing or other sorts of merchandise.If you want to send more than one item, put an order in your cart for each item up to a maximum of 5 items.

What is the maximum size allowed?

8.66″ x 12.20″ or 22 cm x 31cm or A4.  Please do not send larger items.

Where do I send it?

You will be given a UK address where to send your item in the email confirming your order.  If you lose that email, you can always contact us by clicking here.

Is my picture suitable for an autograph?

Please choose an image with an area of dark or light space for Tom to put his autograph.  If the image is too “busy” the autograph will not show up.  Choose a semi-matt, or matt surface.  Some glossy surfaces are difficult for Tom to write on and the ink may easily smudge.  Please bear in mind, that Tom cannot test his pen on your item without spoiling it, so give it some thought beforehand.

What will Tom write on my item?

A Tom usually writes “Tom Baker, Dr Who IV, 1974 – 81” if there is room, but if you are sending something unrelated to Dr Who, such as a picture of Bendu from Star Wars, and would prefer not to have Dr Who written on your item, then please enclose a clear note to this effect.

Are you strict about 3 words for the dedication option?

Yes we are – and names count as words.

How will you know my item is from me?

Please print out a copy of the confirmation email you receive when you place your order, making sure it shows your name, address, telephone number and email address, and put it into the envelope with your item when you send it to us.

Why do I have to describe my item when placing the order?

So that we do not get your item mixed up with someone else’s during the signing process.

Can I buy prints or cards when placing an order to send my own item?

Yes, but we will wait for your own item(s) to arrive before sending off the whole order. If you want our cards or photos more quickly, please create a separate order for them and we will send them as soon as we receive your order.

When will I receive my order?

We have no control over the postal services! You can find out your end how long delivery should take to us.  Once we receive your order, Tom signs it within about a week depending on how busy he is, and it will be posted in the next couple of days.  You will receive an email with a tracking number when the return postage is purchased and then it is a matter of waiting for the post.  We always use Royal Mail and they state on their website that they aim to deliver to Europe within 3-5 working days and worldwide within 5-7 working days. However, from our experience orders sometimes take quite a bit longer than that depending on where you live in your own country.

Will you let me know if you do not receive my item for autograph?

Yes, we will send you a reminder email after one month of receiving your order if we have not received your item.

Can I send my item to you by courier?

No, our PO Box does not accept delivery by courier or parcel post. Please send your item by priority letter/large letter airmail postal services.

Will my item be safe?

Whilst we at Tom Baker Ltd promise to take great care of your item, you send it to us at your own risk, so please don’t send anything valuable.  We cannot accept liability for any loss or damage however caused, because although we can replace the autograph, we cannot replace your item.  For the return of your item, UK purchasers may choose between first class and “Signed For” services, but we send all international orders by Royal Mail’s “International Tracked” service.

I do not live in the UK. Will my item go through customs?

You will have to declare the contents of your package when you mail it. Please do not send us anything over the value of £15 as UK Customs will impose tax, import duty and an admin charge which we will have to pay in order to get your item released.  We would have to invoice you for this charge first, and your items will be returned to you if not paid.

Can I ask for my order to be sent to a different address than mine?

No. We only send orders to a purchaser’s billing address – which should be the same as your PayPal address – not to any other address.  Your order will come with receipt enclosed.  If it is a gift, it is your responsibility to send it on to the recipient.

How shall I package my item(s)?

Pack your item(s) carefully to protect them in the post but please do not enclose them in excessive packaging and expect us to return them in similar packaging as the postage charged may be insufficient.  We return items in stiffened envelopes no larger than 35.3cm X 25cm X 2.5cm.  If you want to send an item with extra protection for some reason, please consult us on before sending.

What if I put the wrong amount of postage on my package?

We advise you to get your envelope weighed at a post/mail office so that the postage paid is correct, and to affix a customs declaration if required.  Please note that if we have to pay a surcharge to receive your item on which the postage has been underpaid, we will invoice you for the surcharge before returning your item.

Can I send a letter to Tom with my order?

Tom is sorry, but it is not possible for him to answer letters.

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Whilst every effort will be taken to take great care of your item, all personal items are sent in at owners’ own risk. Tom Baker Limited does not accept liability for any loss or damage caused in any way.  By choosing “Royal Mail signed for” or “International Tracked” at checkout, you may send your item recorded delivery and we will return it to you the same way.

Tom reserves the right not to autograph an item and return it with refund less the cost of postage.

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