22nd November – 13th December 1975

Sarah, you’ve put your finger on the one tiny flaw in our plan.

The Doctor to Sarah, episode 4

The Doctor finds himself in the hands of the Mechanics
in The Android Invasion. Picture © BBC

Moving forward in time, the TARDIS appears to materialise in a sun-drenched woodland glade, close to the English village of Devesham in the present day. But the village is strangely devoid of its people, and mechanised masked figures patrol the lanes and footpaths. Even the nearby Space Defence Station, currently UNIT’s centre of operations, is eerily quiet…

Things are indeed not what they seem. The Doctor and Sarah are not on Earth but in a mocked-up village on the planet Oseidon, home to the war-mongering Kraals, whose skills in fashioning sophisticated human replica robots – androids – are crucial to their aims of infiltrating and conquering Earth.

Soon Sarah and the Doctor are pitched into a sinister game of who’s who, striving to distinguish friend from foe as the Kraals prepare to attack the real Space Defence Station, armed with androids fashioned in the shapes of familiar acquaintances and friends, even of Sarah and the Doctor themselves.

Video © BBC

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