Personal photos

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Tom’s parents’ 1932 wedding

Tom’s family at his aunt Lou’s wedding. Uncle Willie, Uncle Ted Aspey, Grandma O’Boyle, Auntie Jane, Grandad O’Boyle, Auntie Chrissy, Auntie Maggie, Terry Aspey, Auntie Louie, Uncle Bill O’Boyle, Uncle Johnny Wilson, Grandmother Ninny and Uncle Peter.

Tom’s Uncle Tom (seated) was often mistaken for the King. Uncle Bill O’Boyle is on the right, a friend on the left.

Tom’s Aunt Louie and Aunt Chrissie were kind to him and looked after him sometimes.

This is where Tom started life as a novice monk with the De la Mennais Brothers in Jersey. It is now Highlands College.

Tom spent his later years as a monk here at Cheswardine Hall in Market Drayton, Shropshire.


This was taken when Tom was 22 and just about to join the army.

Tom as Romeo: This was one of his first roles as an actor.

Tom spent 3 months in Dublin playing Sherlock Holmes at the Gate Theatre so he got to know Dublin well. Picture copyright Sue Jerrard.

St Stephens Green, Dublin Tom feeding the ducks on a Sunday when he was in Dublin playing Sherlock Holmes in 1985. Picture copyright Sue Jerrard.

Resting in Ireland during the run of The Mask of Moriarty at the Gate Theatre Dublin in 1985. Picture copyright Sue Jerrard.

Resting in Dublin during the run of The Mask of Moriarty at the Gate Theatre in 1985. Picture copyright Sue Jerrard.

Interviewing a parrot. Picture © Reeltime Pictures

The parrot has just said he loves me and I can keep his tail feather. Picture © Reeltime Pictures

This was taken in 1997 outside The Bell House where Tom and Sue lived for 17 years. Picture copyright Sue Jerrard.

When Tom lived next door to a graveyard, he bought a gravestone and had it engraved with his name and one date! Picture © Reeltime Pictures

The overcoat Tom is wearing (at home in The Bell House) once belonged to Michael McLiammoir. Picture copyright Tom Baker.

Still wearing Michael MacLiammoir’s coat at home in The Bell House. Picture copyright Tom Baker.

Tom and Sue went to Boston on a job to advertise Brook Bond Tea where Tom apologised for the tea tax and the Boston Tea Party! Picture copyright Sue Jerrard.

Tom and Sue exchanged their London lives for the country. Picture copyright Sue Jerrard.

This was very soon after Sue and Tom moved to The Bell House, an old converted Victorian School. This was the old school room. Picture copyright Sue Jerrard.