Newsletter early September 2009

My New Website

A website? Why? Well, so many people (3 actually) have implored me to mount my very own website. They got up a petition, and all three used the word “Cult”, two of them said “Treasure”. They’re very affectionate.

And so I have given in, and here it is. The authentic Tom Baker website. Of course, the brave three already know all there is to know, but the passers-by or droppers-in (so to speak) may be pleasantly diverted. They are invited to react if they feel provoked and I may react to their reactions. And if that goes well, WHO knows where it will lead? To wisdom, to fun, to getting to know each other.

In my local newsagent, they have noticed that I’m on the cover of the last two Doctor Who Mags. There is also a spread soon in SFX. And all this excitement is because of the cry “Tom’s Back!”. Yes, I’m back in HORNETS NEST in 5 one hour adventures. Rula Lenska plays the Queen. Michael Maloney plays another doctor. Susan Jameson plays my housekeeper and Stephen Thorne, at 6 foot 3 and three quarters, plays a dwarf. And if the fans like it, perhaps there will be more adventures. Who knows? And I shall be delighted to hear the fans’ reactions to the story and to my website.

In future newsletters I’ll respond to some of the topics you raise in your messages, I’ll tell you something of what I’m up to – not everything, of course! I’m a very keen reader, so sometimes I’ll tell you about interesting books I’ve read or films I’ve seen. When I’m out walking my dog Poppy, I often have ideas for sketches or stories which might amuse you. So stay tuned!

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