Glasgow Doctor Who Society have cancelled their 'Army of Guests 4 convention

*******This event has had to be cancelled*******

glasgow_trades_hall“Army of Guests 4” is the Glasgow Doctor Who Society’s fourth annual Doctor Who convention and takes place on 29 and 30 May 2010 here at Glasgow Trades Hall.

This event marks Tom’s first Doctor Who convention in Scotland since 1993 and will be the first time a Scottish convention has ever had three Doctors on the same guest list! Add in a rare convention appearance by one of the show’s most popular producers, Philip Hinchcliffe, and a Doctor Who convention debut for Tom Goodman-Hill, and it’s an event not to be missed!

The current guest list* is;

Tom Baker – The Fourth Doctor
Colin Baker – The Sixth Doctor
Sylvester McCoy – The Seventh Doctor
Sophie Aldred – Ace
John Leeson – The voice of K9
Richard Franklin – Captain Mike Yates
Philip Hinchcliffe – Producer, 1974-1977
Andrew Cartmel – Script Editor, 1987-1989
Tom Goodman-Hill – The Reverend Golightly / The Vespiform (The Unicorn and the Wasp)
Michael Cochrane – Lord Cranleigh (Black Orchid) – Redvers Fenn-Cooper (Ghost Light)
Prentis Hancock – Reporter (Spearhead from Space) – Vaber (Planet of the Daleks) – Salamar (Planet of Evil) – Captain of the Guard (The Ribos Operation)

There are still more guests to be announced.

Profits from this event will be donated to FSID – The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.


But hurry! Availability is limited and tickets are selling fast!

*All guests appear subject to work and personal commitments.

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