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One of our new A4 prints. To go to order page, click on image here or in gallery below.

Christmas and New Year Plans

Autographs with names for a limited period

We are pleased to announce that for the months of October and November 2019, Tom is offering to sign autographs with names – meaning names only, no quotes, phrases or other greetings. On 30th November – or earlier if demand is too great – this online shop will close for the months of December and January, possibly longer.  This service will also apply to “Send your own” items, but if demand is too great, this service will close in mid November to allow for the delay between orders being placed and the items received by us. We cannot make any commitments to get your orders back to you by Christmas.

We sell a range of portraits as high quality prints and greeting cards, all autographed personally by Tom.

These are contemporary portraits. We do not sell Doctor Who photos of Tom (but you may send your own – see below). Tom usually signs “Tom Baker, Dr Who IV, 1974 – 1981”.  

Tom’s new book: Scratchman

You may send in the dust-jacket of your book (at your own risk) under the “Send Your Own Item” service.

Or you can purchase this self-adhesive bookplate for your book (see right) autographed by Tom.

We do not sell signed copies of the book and we cannot accept copies of the book for autograph.

Send your own items for autograph.

You may send your own Doctor Who pictures (and other pictures related to Tom’s work) to be autographed by Tom. If you send items which are not related to Doctor Who, Tom does not write Doctor Who IV in his autograph.  We only accept paper based items e.g. photos, CD or DVD covers.  Scroll down to find the category below or click here to go straight to the order page.  Please follow the instructions carefully.

Click here for the audio download of Tom reading his book “The Boy who Kicked Pigs”

Autographs are only supplied if ordered here.

Please do not send autograph requests to Tom’s agents as you will not receive one. Tom donates 10% of these proceeds to charity – St Michael’s Hospice in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex. Click here to see St Michael’s acknowledgement of Tom’s donations for 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015.

Our new greeting card. To go to order page, click on image here, or scroll down to find in gallery of all greeting cards.

Studio portraits on card

Bookplates and Greeting Cards

Send your own item

Please note that we only accept paper based items, eg photos, CD or DVD covers.


Photos & Prints - large

Outdoor Portraits

Photos - small


If your order for photos and/or cards includes an order for sending your own items, we will wait for your items to arrive in order to send you everything together in one package.  If you want your cards and/or photos more quickly, create separate orders.