Autographs (all regions)

The self-adhesive bookplate

Tom’s winter break.

Tom’s autograph shop is now closed for Christmas, New Year and the early part of 2020.

All orders already placed will of course be honoured and sent ASAP.  If you placed an order to send your own items for autograph, don’t worry, we will fulfil your order.  If you have placed your order but not yet sent your item(s), please do so as soon as you can and they will be autographed and returned to you.

Please do not ask us to make an exception as there will be no exceptions.

We wish you all a Happy Christmas and all the best in the New Year.

Our shop remains open for the download of Tom’s recording of his book “The Boy Who Kicked Pigs”. Click on the cover on the left to find out more and download.

Tom thanks you all for your continued interest in his work and your kind messages. He really does appreciate them.

The pictures on this page are some of the portraits we have available in the shop when it’s open.

Tom under plum tree small